It’s a cost effective way to increase new customer base!
It also helps to solidfy current base with special offers and discounts!
The Best Potential Customers. The publication is mailed directly to only the best potential customers. They all live nearby and are the type who will become the most frequent and longest repeat customers.
A Recent U.S. Postal Service Study reveals that 70% of all third-class mail is looked at immediately or set aside for later reading, making mail the highest rated medium for attracting attention.
The Control and Measurability – Advertisers can control traffic flow and inventories, fine tuning both to adjust for seasonal changes, while accurately measuring the continual growth in new customers throughout the year.
Targeted Area (geographic proximity of customers to advertisers) –  070-551-VB Most people shop within a 5 mile radius of their home.
100% Advertising – The publication is read for ads only, unlike other media where advertising is mixed with the main purpose of the publication (entertainment, information, news, etc.)
Full Color Photographs on the cover draws attention to the publication when received in the mail. The publication is also attractive enough to keep in the home (on coffee table, etc.).
A Recent U.S. Postal Service Study reveals that 70% of all third-class mail is looked at immediately or set aside for later reading, making mail the highest rated medium for attracting attention.
Glossy Paper feels better than newsprint and is also more durable (hard to mutilate) giving increased shelf life.Pages and Coupons are formatted making the magazine easier to read and 920-121 simpler to use.
Display Ads provide a vehicle for businesses not interested in a coupon offer.
Magazine Format –  Not an envelope which has to be opened. No loose coupons to sort or discard.
It Has Been Statistically and CompetitivelyEstablished* that direct mail, when properly done, works more effectively than any other type of advertising for the cost. This magazine format is direct mail property done! It’s the best advertising money can buy!
* – Survey conducted by Manufacturers Coupon Control Center of 2,000 grocery shoppers.
Coupons are now a necessary part of business. In recent years coupons have become a real and significant part of almost any successful business advertising plan. Approximately 7.5 billion dollars will be spent annually on direct mail. It is a fact that consumers look for coupons and smart advertisers know how to use them!Multiple Impressions. Because of the staying power in the home and the many times each member of the family picks the product up in search of another valuable coupon, we are able to continuously deliver multiple impressions for the life of the magazine.
High Circulation / Low Cost – The magazine format allows many more advertisers to share the cost, therefore reducing each individual investment.
Quality Merchants – Quality restaurants, on page one in most magazines, are always a favorite. They are especially important as this is the consumers “first impression” when they open the magazine. Restaurants traditionally receive the highest redemption.
Coupons –  Deliver Measurable Response.
Obvious value – Coupons provide a real dollar savings opportunity for each member of the home over an extended period of time.
Upscale Magazine – Format attracts a higher average income consumer than lower quality formats; therefore the average purchase from our coupons is higher. “People with the highest incomes are the most likely to be heavy coupon users.” (ADWEEK)
Durability –  We’ve tested our staying power and know that most of our publications stay in the home, car or office for 6 to 12 weeks.
A Wide Variety of Advertisers entice consumers to keep and use your magazine.
A Warm Image – This publication presents an image of value and quality which moves us far away from the “junk mail” category and puts us one step above our competition.

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